I’m Stephen

I grew up in a home with no television, the youngest of five children, with an array of instruments to choose from.  At sixteen I started on a Youth Training Scheme at a piano repair shop, cycling eighteen miles a day to get there and back.  After a year I was offered a job but I decided to apply to go to the College in Newark to study ‘Stringed Keyboard Instrument Repair and Tuning’ instead.  This was a three-year, full-time course where I spent three to four hours a day on tuning, the rest was on repairs, French polishing and technology.  I qualified in 1989 and then I started really learning, in at the deep end!


I have worked with many piano shops and music companies over the years, gaining experience and developing my method.  A few times I branched out into other avenues but it only made me appreciate tuning pianos even more, the rapport with the people I tune for and the difference I could make.  

Each piano I work with is different, so whether it be in a recording studio, concert hall or your house, I am not just tuning a piano, I am tuning this piano.

Stephen has tuned and maintained our piano for several years and each time he visits us I have been impressed by his attention to detail and craftsmanship. Not only does the piano sound better after his visit, it is easier to play too. If you are looking for a trusted professional who will tune and maintain your piano whilst providing sound advice based on many years of experience, then I can't think of a better piano technician/engineer than Stephen Cooper who comes highly recommended by well known professional pianists.

Pete Sladden